RobloxStats - Get in-depth stats about your assets.

The ROBLOX Developer Stats, improved.

We provide tools that make your experience as a developer easier.
Get advanced statistics about your creations to know what worked and what didn't.

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Your assets, your experience, your stats.

RobloxStats offers you access to statistics about games and helps you get rid of the problems.

Questions & Answers

Why not just using the default ROBLOX Stats?

(According to us), the old ROBLOX Developer Stats are incomplete and are not even available for groups and assets.
Of course, those tools still have advantages (such as seeing what age charts played your games or bought Dev Products).
In addition to that, the ROBLOX Developer Stats are not visible to every players.

Is this free?

The core features are free, but more in depth features such as every 2 minute checks are paid via the MeaxisNetwork Premium subscription.
However, we still understand that you'd like not being charged, so MeaxisNetwork Premium is obtained through the MeaxisNetwork Points currency, obtained by giving ideas @ MeaxisNetwork Feedbacks, reporting bugs or users and more.

Can I see other people's stats?

Yes, all game stats are publicly available. Some huge games even started to get recorded by the administrators for the purpose of seeing how they evolve over time.

What does this service cover?

We cover groups and games.
We are expecting to start covering library assets, UGC and clothes in the future.

What is that MeaxisNetwork thing?

The MeaxisNetwork is a network that administrates all of Meaxis's creations, such as this one, but also the Line 13 game, the Leafy Soda and a few more.

Is there a dark theme?

Don't worry. It's coming soon. We love dark themes too, because if you closely look... everything we made is dark-themed (psst... psst... experimental dark mode!)